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What is Revenue-based Financing

Revenue-Based Financing is non-dilutive funding based on your company's monthly revenue. Your company receives funding and as the company generates new revenue, a percentage is paid back (between 2-9%). The monthly repayment requirement is not fixed like a bank loan. It's based on your revenue for that month. The repayments end once they have totaled the funding amount plus a calculated multiple. Typically revenue-based financing terms are 3 years. The idea is that the solution aligns with your growth and cash flow, unlike credit card and bank lending.
Revenue-based Financing

  • No Equity Dilution
  • No Board Seats
  • 30 Days to fund
Equity Funding
(VC, Angel)

  • No Equity Dilution
  • No Board Seats
  • 3-6 months to fund
How it works
You qualify if you have $5k+ MRR or if you need product development. Fill out an application.
A partner will conduct an interview with you and your team. If we can help, we'll initiate due diligence.
After successfully completing due diligence, We provide your company capital.
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