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Revenue-based Financing FAQ

What materials do I need to apply? It's rather simple. Fill out the application with basic information about your company.

What types of companies do you fund? We focus on companies that have revenue. SaaS is the most popular type of company we fund given it's a great fit for Revenue-based Financing. For non SaaS companies the revenue requirement for investment is the same.

How long does it take to obtain funding? It takes ~1 week after we complete due diligence.

How old is revenue-based financing and is it common? Revenue-based financing has been around for over 20 years, in various forms (merchant lending, factoring). Over the last 8 years it's become increasingly popular and a proven solution for investing in early-stage companies. Founding teams are leveraging revenue-based financing to find market fit, build revenues and position for later stage VC investment.

How does revenue-based financing work with angel or other venture capital? Revenue-based financing is an excellent lead into a follow up VC investment. Startups find that revenue-based financing is a great way to realize early growth ultimately attracting VC at a later stage.
How it works
You qualify if you have $5k+ MRR or if you need product development. Fill out an application.
A partner will conduct an interview with you and your team. If we can help, we'll initiate due diligence.
After successfully completing due diligence, We provide your company capital.
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