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Alternative Capital offers companies non-dilutive debt capital from $25k to $1M to grow their company.

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“This addresses a specific pain point: fast access to capital with a mutual focus on revenue growth.”
Ratan B Vakil
Partner at SkyFi Capital
“Our customers invoices net-90 which ties up our access to revenue. Alternative Capital provides an incredible solution around that.”
Martin Goldberg
Founder AdTech Startup
“Taking in capital to fund growth without diluting was essential to our success.”
Rachel Ehrlichman
Founder PropTech Company
How it works
You qualify if you have $5k+ MRR. We have a special program if you are pre-seed and need product development. Fill out an application.
An Alternative Capital partner will conduct an interview with you and your team. If we can help, we'll initiate due diligence.
After successfully completing due diligence, we provide your company capital.

Is Revenue-based-Financing
good for your startup?

Knowing how other startups are finding and leveraging capital is a commonly asked question. We've benchmarked our users to help guide early funding decisions.


We've analyzed the average time to receive capital and organized it into a timeline based on industry and funding type.


We surveyed 900+ companies and identified traction levels of companies that received successful funding.

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Our mission is to introduce new alternative funding resources, which help founders gain access to capital to accelerate growth. We believe earlier stage companies need a less complex fundraising experience so founders can focus on growth, product-market-fit, and customers. Since 2017 we've managed $3 million in revenue-based financing, which helps cash-strapped technology companies grow. In 2019 we partnered with several revenue-based lending providers, effectively creating a marketplace. This has enabled us to expand into asset-based lending and purchase order financing. Today we provide a range of alternative funding solutions to help companies accelerate customer acquisition, fund key hires, fund growth to improve valuation for future VC funding, and complement equity fundraising to lower cost of capital.

Headquartered in New York City, we operate with a strong set of beliefs that our success depends on establishing aligned incentives with excellent founders. Our approach ensures product advancement, ultimately realizing a model to help companies accelerate growth.

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The Alternative Capital Team